Token no. 145

We're building the first

🌐 decentralized
💰 royalty-funded
🤝 community-owned
🚀 incubator

for creatives.

Its like having your own personal ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Download our whitepaper

Everything you need to know about Piggy Banx NFT and our DAO plans, in a downloadable PDF file.

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How it works

Feed the Pig


Purchase a Piggy Banx NFT. This will be your ticket into the DAO and all the cool stuff we have planned.


Collaborate on projects, or start your own community project. Participate in weekly creative prize challenges. Practice your craft and get feedback from the community.

Once minting is complete, we will officially activate the DAO  and the team will contribute 25% of mint revenue to the community wallet.

A 5% royalty on every Piggy Banx NFT resale will also be added to the community wallet in perpetuity, which will be used for community benefits, building value and funding projects.

Practice makes Profit


Once the collection sells out, the DAO will be activated and members can take on a variety of roles, including creative, marketing, financial and even leadership positions.


Earn tokens for participating in the community and own part of a fractionalized NFT vault.

Initially, you will earn tokens and XP as you interact and familiarize yourself with the DAO operations. Once we activate the community project development, you can begin to enhance your earning potential by participating in projects and community initiatives.

As you develop, you will be rewarded in DAO tokens and gain access to positions of higher responsibility and autonomy as the system matures.