Major Updates for the Piggy Banx Community

March 22, 2022 1:00 AM

Hello everyone!

A proper update has been a long time coming (I know!) and I'm happy to report that we've got some good news to share in all departments today.


New interactive hero area on PiggyBanx.io

First off, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, we have a completely redesigned website experience and some new hints of a more evolved Piggy Banx world. As we prepared to begin our Phase 2 marketing earlier in the month, it was really important for us that we maximize all our touch points and dive deeper into the world of Piggy Banx, which was easier said than done.  The website you're seeing now is actually the third iteration of a new website for Piggy Banx that has been worked on behind the scenes over the last month, and we're still working on pushing out a bunch of new website features and areas over the next couple of weeks.

What's new on the website?

We switched from WordPress to Webflow

I'm planning to do a complete write-up on this, because I've been developing WordPress websites for about 10 years now and I'm so happy to have found Webflow and made the switch. I first heard about it while watching the Building a Brand YouTube series by The Futur, and once I stumbled across the Webflow training videos - I was sold. This platform has inspired me and allowed me to make a lot of my website development dreams come true.

New interactive scenes on the homepage.

As part of a new storytelling artwork release, I created special scenes on the homepage that respond to user interactions, including scroll and mouse movements. I'm looking forward to taking these to the next level and creating surprise "easter egg" moments.

New browsable Piggy Banx NFT catalog

All minted tokens will now have a dedicated profile on the Piggy Banx website, complete with a list of respective attributes and rarity data. We're particularly excited for some of the opportunities this new area will offer in terms of member engagement. Check out the Piggy Banx NFT collection here.

New dedicated DAO page

We realize the concept of our DAO is not easily explained or understood, and we want to make this information as accessible as we can. The DAO now has its own dedicated page where we can continue to elaborate on the plans and fine-tune our messaging. See the new Piggy Banx DAO page here.

New Recent Announcements areas

Many members don't regularly check in to the Piggy Banx Discord, and some prefer not to use it at all. So in case you miss it on social media or Discord, you can now catch up on the latest and greatest Piggy Banx announcements right from the website mega menu, and soon on their very own page.

Launching soon:
  • Newsroom and blog, with a mix of original content and recommended reading from 3rd party publishers.
  • Fully flushed out Road Map page
  • More Piggy Banx storytelling through artwork, interactions, videos and actual content.
  • Special features for Piggy Banx owners (members-only area, token status updates, and more)

Phase II Marketing

We're time traveling.

As hinted in the last Discord announcement, we would be doing some new things for our Phase 2 marketing. Part of the reason that we ran late on this is because we wanted to make sure everything was ready before making the investment in these new marketing initiatives. By "everything" I'm primarily referring to the website and new content, which took so much longer to develop than originally anticipated.

We're proud to report that we activated a marketing partnership with El Toro, which is a special ad tech company I had the pleasure of working with at my day job as Digital Marketing Manager for MOK2. El Toro is allowing us to make very good use of our marketing budget by running highly targeted campaigns to very specific audiences. We're basically able to go back in time, up to 6 months, and specifically serve our ads to people who were at a given place and time. In our case, we chose to target select crypto and art conferences around the country, so our advertising dollars for this campaign will only be spent on impressions from attendees to those events, which includes many artists, art collectors, crypto investors, industry leaders and professional technologists. You can learn more about how this works on their website.

We officially launched this campaign last Thursday, March 17th, and scheduled it through the 31st for an initial test run. The weekend saw some impressions, but today it radically boomed and we're super excited to see the results from this over the next couple of weeks. See below for examples of the display ads included in this campaign.

Additional efforts, such as press release distribution, youtube videos and other partnerships, have all been patiently standing by, waiting for all this to be ready. I'll continue to update you as we activate these now.

Physical Art

12" Canvas mockups for Piggy Banx physical art gifts to OG Whitelisted members

If you submitted a request for one of the standard Piggy Banx NFT physical art options (12" Mounted Canvas, or 25" Poster), then your orders are already being processed.

  • 12" mounted canvases are in production and are expected later this week. They will be repackaged and begin to ship out next week.
  • 25" posters will be in production tomorrow and are expected later this week as well (faster turn-around time).

Custom orders have been noted and researched, but orders have not been placed yet. I will be reaching out individually to members who placed custom orders to discuss options and confirm details before submitting for production.

Community Contest Wrap-up + New Giveaways

Piggy Banx #109 won by Tac28 in Discord

Despite nobody winning the custom Piggy Banx Oculus VR set, we wanted to give participants a chance at winning one final free NFT prize as part of the community contest. Due to the urgency of our other projects this month, I was unable to announce and deliver this prize in the way I would have wanted, but we'd like to congratulate Tiffany (Tac28 on Discord) for being the recipient of Prize Piggy #109!

We're still keen on making a custom Oculus for the community, and want to continue rewarding all our early members, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for new giveaway contests and special airdrops coming soon! 

Piggy Banx Digital Ad Banner artwork

Digital Ad Banners appearing in Phase II Marketing